Who is this new Mediator in Dawson Creek anyway?

*raises hand* That's me!

Woman raising hand

Summer is winding down (more quickly in some places than others!) and you're starting to look at your "To Do" list for the winter. Me too!

I am finally completing all the little projects I need to get my services up and running. I am getting SO excited to share these workshops and services with you guys.I figured I would give you a little introduction to get to know me and what the heck I am doing here.

Kaitlin Fulton

I'm Kaitlin (on the left). I live in Dawson Creek, B.C. with my fantastic spouse and our six month old kitty cat, Arry (yes, short for Aria for you GOT fans). Picture to the right, I know you were curious!

Arry (Aria) my kitty cat

I moved to Dawson Creek just over one year ago from Vancouver, B.C. There I had been a Child Care Worker in group homes for at risk youth and finishing my studies. I attended Royal Roads University and received my Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management in 2014. Before that I had attended Okanagan College (2008) and Royal Roads University again (2009) to complete by Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies.

I have a passion for approaching conflict as an opportunity and strongly believe that no meaningful change happens in the absence of conflict. I think that with the right tools we could avoid so many of the world's violent conflict, from street fights to wars and everything in between. Sometimes the conflict has already happened or we're in the middle of it, that's okay! I also think that we can manage our conflicts more effectively to end in some creative solutions, that is the meaningful change I mentioned earlier.

My intention is to provide these tools to people who are interested; management, friends, business owners, couples, family, customer service workers... these tools are useful for everyone. I do not think that the knowledge I have and the tools I want to share are the be all and end all. The professional world of conflict management is a very diverse one and each individual working there has their place. I want to focus on the prevention of escalation, which I see a space for in this professional field.

Thanks for reading! Please check back soon. I am working on my next blog with a few tips on how to prepare for your mediation!

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