Why Online Mediation Works

In the last six months I have been working on introducing online mediation to my practice. It is a valuable addition to mediation services in the Peace Region Area and has helped several families complete their Agreements in a timely manner.

Here are a few reasons why online mediation works:

1. It is convenient

Clients only need an internet connection and a device to stream in to the secure online meeting room. This allows more flexibility for scheduling; busy parents who do not have access to child care or oil and gas workers who stay on site for two to three weeks at a time are given the ability to schedule a meeting that works for everyone.

2. It is safe

Mediating can be a highly emotional exercise. Mediating online can take away some of those emotional triggers. The other party is simply in a small square on your screen, you are less likely to see their facial expressions, body language, and mannerisms that might be emotional triggers for you.

Working online is also an ideal arrangement for people who may have a history of domestic violence. Keeping the connection online for these clients helps the victim maintain a sense of power in the process, where often in person the other individual's presence can be enough to take that away.

3. It is secure

With the advancements in technology I am able to offer a secure meeting room to my clients. Any meetings that are recorded are my property are not the property of the conferencing company.

4. It is easy and efficient

The process of online mediating is quick and most of my clients only require one or two sessions. Saving you time, energy, and money!

5. It is comfortable

When you are in your own space you are more at ease. You have access to all the comforts of your own home or office and you don't have to drive anywhere. When people are comfortable they can be focused and work more efficiently at the issues.

6. It can serve clients all over

When meeting online there is no need to travel to the same place (which can be a blessing in the Peace Region in the winter!) or to even live in the same place. Online mediation allows people from all over the province access my services.

*BONUS* 7. It is self-isolation friendly!

March 2020 (when this post was published) was when COVID-19 basically took over the world and many things shut down. Using online mediation allows clients to continue their dispute resolution from the safety of their homes during self-isolation.

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