Is This You?

I work with a wide range of people looking for new ways to manage the conflicts in their lives. This includes:

  • Couples going through separation

  • Individuals heading into a negotiation or mediation

  • Families experiencing challenges getting along

  • Individuals feuding with those close to them

  • Managers and supervisors facing conflicts with and/or in their teams

Situation Examples

Couples Separating

When couples are facing a separation the most common issues are that the process is confusing and history has made it combative rather than collaborative. To keep the dysfunction in the relationship that lead to the separation away from the children, a transformative, interest-based mediation is usually a successful way to resolve issues around guardianship, parenting time, child support, spousal support, extraordinary expenses, and more. 

Individuals Preparing for a Mediation/Negotiation

When people in conflict get to the stage of mediation/negotiation typically their conflict management attempts in the past did not work. Individuals who are working with another mediator or preparing for a negotiation and want to improve their negotiation skills to increase a chance of a successful outcome and make the mediation more efficient typically benefit from one on one conflict coaching to gain some valuable negotiation skills. 

Managers Facing Performance Issues

This is one of the most difficult parts of management; studies show that 50% of a manager's time at work is spent on conflict in the workplace and most of the time they are never provided training to manage conflict effectively. While most organizations provide performance management meetings annually, the most effective way of managing these issues is routinely. One on one coaching and support to develop negotiation and communication skills is helpful in these situations. 

Consistent Conflict Within Your Team

You have a fantastic group of individuals, each has their own strengths and you think they will make a fabulous team. Until they start working together and one after another comes to you with another complaint. The initial and common reaction is to solve the problem; decide who is right and who is wrong. This never solves the bigger picture issue of forming a productive team. Coaching one on one or a workshop with the whole team can help to resolve these issues. 

If any of these sound like you, I may be able to help! Give me a call!